Urgent Message.

To all of those who feel like they haven’t got a choice, or there is nowhere to go; I want to offer you a helping hand. A like many people in this world, I have been in this position and I’ve learnt my lesson to not let my ‘darker side’ take over. 

I am on the way out of a deep ditch that I built to protect myself, but as I’ve found out, it was causing me more harm. 

Naturally, we need other humans to live. Whether it’s to provide a service, friendship or a little assistance. We need them, so don’t shove them away when you need them most. So when you’re having a bad day, confide in someone; even if that person is a random person (such as myself) on Tumblr. Think about it….What you’re going through isn’t abnormal and it certainly isn’t something that you want to control life, so speak up. Please. Because no one deserves to suffer in silence. No one deserves to feel locked up because they can’t find their voice. 

I have been in a rut and I’ve been at the top of the world, but do you know what? It’s made me the person I am today, yes, there are things that I would still alter in my life, but I have many years to become that person. Because I intend to stick around for a long time.

So please, have that mentality; tell yourself that your life is so precious and that you will hang onto it despite what life throws at you. We are all born with a survival instinct, so use that to prove to yourself that you have the will to fight. Because you belong on this Earth as a physical being and not a memory.

I am among many of those who broke free and got out of a dark part of their life. Yes. I am damaged, but nothing could hurt as much as leaving such a beautiful world behind.

So to all of those who need a little push, or even a major shove. Here is yours: life is not easy but it shapes the person that you will become. So why hate yourself when you’re not fully developed; there are thousands of external factors that will help to define you, as you age. This world will take you on a journey through beautiful and dark times, but don’t worry. Because you are never given more than you can handle.

So don’t worry, things will be fine.

Just find that shining light from inside of you and don’t you dare let go.

One more thing: good luck!

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