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do you ever just wonder what the tumblr workers think of us

we think you’re all a bunch of idiots


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"A Fool in Love"

Did you really think you could have had him back? Back in your arms, where the world stood still as you and him embraced your love? Ha! You fool…When will you learn that the two of you are no more? That there is no room for doubt and regret. Through all of these years, he has given you reasons to hate him, things that most people would never look past, but you did. He saw that you forgave him in a heartbeat and that it never stopped your heart from loving him. He saw this and did not act upon it…He found THE person that would forgive him for all his infidelities and mistakes and yet he remains alone; without you. When will you see that he breaks your heart more and more each time and worst of all, he isn’t there to pick up the pieces. You are a fool. A fool who has lost her way. A fool who knows no right or wrong. A fool… A fool in love.

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